Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Feelies - Live at CBGB 1977

New Jersey indie/jangle/post-punk heroes, The Feelies will be back in April 2011 with a new album after almost 20 years. Here is the first single that was released a couple of days ago:

So just for a taste of what The Feelies were like some 30 odd years ago, here's a live album that kicks some major ass. One of my favourites is the raw version of "Original Love".

Also, Happy Year of the Rabbit everyone!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Glamorous Pharmacy - Rumbling Footsteps [Re-Uploaded by request]

Glorious or Glamorous Pharmacy/美好药店 was an experimental-folk band in Beijing led by XiaoHe.



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guai Li - Flight of Delusion (Maybe Mars, 2010)

Guai Li is a punk rock band which loves the beautiful music ardently. Band’s name comes from Chinese saying “guai li luan shen”. It refers to something that happens that can’t be explained by science.

Guai Li’s history can be dated back in the year of 2005. At that time, Wen Jun, He Yifan(bass), Liu Yue(guitar) and original drummer Yang Fan established the band The Dirty Ones, which was the former of Guai Li. Afterwards, Yang Fan left the band. In 2006, Wen Jun settled in Wuhan and established AV Okubo with Xu Sheng and Lu Yan. After a show, Wen Jun and Xu Sheng left Wuhan. They went to the north to Beijing and changed band’s name to Guai Li. Later, the experienced rocker Shi Xudong who has played music for several years joined Guai Li. Then, the lineup of the Guai Li was completed.

Every member in band has his own preference in music. Each one brings different elements to the songs. Wen Jun likes all the noisy and weird music. Liu Yue likes new indie rock. Xu Sheng likes traditional rock and pop music. He Yifan influenced by post punk deeply. While Shi Xudong prefer original punk music and hardcore. The band aren’t confused for the different likes between the music but try to blend everyone’s idea and feature in the music. Sometimes, the motive is from someone’s experience in daily life. In arranging part, others will try to break the original feeling of the motive, to create a new impression and add everyone’s thinking in. Sometimes, five persons play impromptu together and come cross a new song.

As their name, Guai Li people love all the mysterious and inexpressible things, like the ghost, witchcraft, universe, white noise and a little addiction. Guai Li’s music and playing style are just like their name, weird but full of inexpressible charm.

Guai Li and famous producer Fang Wuxing cooperated in the band’s debut album Flight of Delusion. The album has released in September, 2010. At the same time, the band toured in China for debut album release.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

East Brunswick All Girls Choir - Dead Air [2009]

So I saw these guys play last friday. Reminded me of something from the 90s....slowcore/sadcore guitar music. I loved these guys and hopefully you will too.

Here's a short description from their website:

"We’re just four people from four different places. None of us live in East Brunswick nor have we ever lived there. However I did eat a curry there once.

Some were almost forced to join a voluntary choir in primary school but much preferred pretending to be Mark Waugh far too much to be able to spend summery days in a multi purpose room singing “..and he will raise you up on Jesus’ wings”. Fours had to be hit. The cricket dream was eventually given up though. It all got a bit too real.

It was time to make a real team of real talent and origin.

East Brunswick All Girls Choir is made up of a mini golf course curator from Lockwood South, a Pool Shark Ninja who relocated from Yokahama, a gaming pizza cooking nerd from Golden Square and one failed cricketer who once walked the hallowed turf of Maiden Gully."