Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boys Climbing Ropes - Except For The Darkness [2010]

Born three years ago from a medley of rum and cigarette induced visions in one of the last remaining authentic taverns in Ottawa, Canada. Boys Climbing Ropes is a testament to the delight and folly of international displacement. The conjuring of a wily vigour that understands no ends, stumbling along a thin line separating magic from down-right drunkenness. Their psych-folk punk infusion sounds like a distorted depressed escapee flying along a highway at dusk in a big rusted white pickup truck with a flat rear tire. After sweating through their first half year as a band in China, Boys Climbing Ropes had a run in with the enigmatic Xiao Punk. A vagabond and self-published poet from Jianxi province, Xiao Punk joined the cavalcade on vocals, thus adding herself into the mix with the three Canadian foreign nationals: Devin Gallery (drums), Morgan Short (bass/keyboards) and Jordan Small (guitar/vocals). All four musicians have been involved in various other musical projects, from high school orchestral units to full-scale shit-rock bands in big Asian cities. Notable influences include Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Leonard Cohen and of course Bruce Springsteen. Entering their second year in the Shanghai music scene, Boys Climbing Ropes still entertains premonitions of becoming an unfastened release of music. One that continues week after week filled with the fervour of an early-communistic work ethic. In an attempt to promote the medium of local underground music and subterranean affairs Boys Climbing Ropes tirelessly entertains hopes of a future for Shanghai rock, built upon every irreplaceable live show. Because this year is all about moving units.


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