Saturday, March 13, 2010

Booji - Reserved [2009, Modern Sky]

Booji (波激小丝) is based in Shanghai and currently includes 33 (Vocals and Keyboards) Sun Ye (Guitar), Jiang Zhen Dong (Bass) and Da Men (Drums). Booji’s members use music elements from indie rock and rock and roll from the 90s onward to create their own music world, and therefore it is very difficult to define their song style. But the one thing that keeps a consistency in their songs is the emotional framework created by using distortion and a fairytale-like ambience. Their music is weird, blurry, and experimental with a flavor of rock. In 2009 Booji signed with Modern Sky Records, and released their debut “Reserved”.


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  1. this cd is available thru world renowned australasian distro tenzenmen ( if you like the music please consider supporting the band with a purchase!