Sunday, December 6, 2009

24 Hours - No Party People (Maybe Mars, 2009)

Beijing-based Post-Punk/Garage and Rock’N’Roll band originally from Xi’an .

24 Hours was formed in Fall of 2006 in Xi’an and relocated to Beijing in the end of 2008. Their debut record, produced by Martin Atkins (Pigface, Nine Inch Nails), is scheduled for a fall release on Maybe Mars Records.

From Xi’an, the members of “24hourpartypeople” are typical youth from 1980’s. They like catchy tunes, carefree melodies, punchy rhythms and whimsical pop style. Combining garage, disco, and post-punk, they’ve impressed audiences with their distinctive style and charming performances. Taking their name from Manchester’s Happy Mondays (and the film), this band knows their Brit-pop influences!




  1. Listening to it now. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks. No doubt the "8 eye spy" is on the way soon also.

    Funny that elsewhere 24 Hours say that their name came from the Joy Division song.

  3. Any chance of a re-up?
    Link's expired

  4. this cd is available worldwide thru tenzenmen ( (and is also available on iTunes). if you like what you hear please consider supporting the band and labels that continue their struggle to bring you great music from all over the world!