Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Small Black - Small Black EP [2009]

Small Black is an emerging band from Brooklyn, New York. They describe their music on their myspace as “Acousmatic / Tape music / Concrete / Pop.”



Thursday, December 17, 2009

Was She a Vampire - EP

So, I am a big fan of Skywave/Ceremony type of sound. The other day I was on a forum I frequent regularly and I stumbled upon this little gem of an EP. The band hails from Russia and it sounds like Skywave and Ceremony put together. A perfect record to fill the void while we wait for Ceremony's new album. Speaking of which, I will be posting some Ceremony and Skywave and a few other bands from Safranin Sound in the days to come.

PS. I asked for the permission of the artist to post it here. Download it. I highly recommend it.



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Muscle Snog - Mind Shop[Maybe Mars/Miniless, 2009]

Muscle Snog are the latest band to enter Shanghai’s tiny experimental scene, and winners of the prize for the strangest name (and logo).


Monday, December 14, 2009

Human Television - Look At Who You Are Talking To

A quick glance at Human Televisions press photos might give you the idea that these Florida transplants are here to provide a dose of the unpretentious, substance-over-style rock music thats been missing for a few years now, or at least has been overshadowed by fashion-conscious revivalists of once forgotten genres. The band forgoes tight-fitting suits and asymmetrical haircuts in favor of a more laid back look: ragged jeans, hooded sweatshirts, and genuinely as opposed to stylishly messed up hair. Its a look that says, I know whats really important, and as some will recognize, its just as easily linked to early-90s American indie rock as all those suits and synths are to 80s New Wave. That link is even more evident once you spend some time with their debut full-length, Look At Who You’re Talking To.

The most immediately striking component of Human Televisions sound is the guitar. Its perpetually jangly and deliciously upbeat, calling to mind all those underrated Teen Beat and Sarah Records bands who stood at the forefront of what some considered a Golden Age for our lovably nerdy counterculture. The production style is understated and really, barely noticeable; everything’s crisp and relatively clear, but refreshingly free of any sterilizing sheen. The subject matter covered by frontman Billy Downing boredom, failed relationships, etc.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Beach Fossils - Live at WNYU (2009)

The jangly, self recorded ramblings of Brooklyn’s Dustin Payseur, Beach Fossils offers hauntingly catchy lo-fi noise pop that transcends the monotony of the movement with a palette of psychedelic influences, tremolo saturated vocals, and a diet of pizza for breakfast.

Beach Fossil’s debut EP and LP will be released by Brooklyn based labels, Woodsist and Captured Tracks.


1. Vacation
2. Day Dream
3. Sometimes
4. Lazy Day
5. Twelve Roses

Download (Link Updated)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

24 Hours - No Party People (Maybe Mars, 2009)

Beijing-based Post-Punk/Garage and Rock’N’Roll band originally from Xi’an .

24 Hours was formed in Fall of 2006 in Xi’an and relocated to Beijing in the end of 2008. Their debut record, produced by Martin Atkins (Pigface, Nine Inch Nails), is scheduled for a fall release on Maybe Mars Records.

From Xi’an, the members of “24hourpartypeople” are typical youth from 1980’s. They like catchy tunes, carefree melodies, punchy rhythms and whimsical pop style. Combining garage, disco, and post-punk, they’ve impressed audiences with their distinctive style and charming performances. Taking their name from Manchester’s Happy Mondays (and the film), this band knows their Brit-pop influences!