Thursday, June 4, 2009

Japandroids- Post- Nothing [2009]

These are the kind of gut-level concerns Post-Nothing trades in, and I know, on paper it describes an itch that a late-1990s Vagrant record could scratch. And combined with the fact that the band is called freakin' Japandroids, it's easy to not take it seriously. Which is fine, since Japandroids do not make particularly complex music: Brian King plays broad chords stewed in mid-90s fuzz (think Superchunk) while David Prowse splays spastic but never showy drum fills that beg to be pounded out on your steering wheel. There's maybe one overdub on the whole thing and occasionally, both of them yell at the same time. Several songs have less than five lines. And while they've been known to cover Mclusky's "To Hell With Good Intentions" live, what makes Post-Nothing such a blast is how Japandroids tend to embody the opposite sentiment of that song title. This is terminally catchy music played with punk's enthusiasm and velocity, and maybe it's the fact that there's only two dudes in this band that makes you feel like joining in to bash along. It's as fun as an ill-gotten sixpack and there really aren't too many bands doing stuff like this well anymore.- Pitchfork

Post- Nothing [2009]

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