Monday, June 8, 2009

Gliss- Devotion Implosion [2009]

Gliss is experimental messed up pop. Gliss is that split second of breathless exhilaration. You can find Gliss in Los Angeles...unless they are touring with The Raveonettes, The Editors, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Smashing Pumpkins or We Are Scientists. Gliss' second album is Devotion Implosion. Gliss will turn you on with their fuzzed-out guitars and krautrock rhythms. Gliss will love you back. Gliss is happiest blowing your mind! Devotion Implosion feels like the morning after. It was mixed by Gareth Jones (who has worked with Depeche Mode, Liars, Wire, Nick Cave and These New Puritans). Gliss is being up all night; an overdose of sound, chaos, beauty, and rock 'n' roll excess. Gliss is shattered soundscapes that melt you into a Devotion Implosion.- Insound

Devotion Implosion [2009]
Anybody Inside


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