Friday, June 5, 2009

City Rain- This I Will Remember [2009]

The music, in general, is not particularly experimental or avant-garde. In some ways, City Rain reminds me rather strongly of The Postal Service, even though though the two artists don’t actually sound very similar. Runyan clearly desires to foster an indie and perhaps even slightly pop sound on this record, and towards that goal, all of the songs are relatively short, with almost half lasting less than three minutes and all lasting less than five. However, there’s an earnestness on display here; a sort of refined but intense emotionality inhabits the album. This I Will Remember is not a masterpiece, but it’s a very pleasant record that manages to inspire feelings of calm in the listener, despite the emotionality on display. If you’re into electronica of any sort, particularly IDM of a more minimal vein, then I recommend you give This I Will Remember a spin. At thirty-three minutes long, this LP sometimes seems more like an EP, but this transitory nature suits the music perfectly. Any more would be overkill, but the way it is, Runyan has crafted a quite nice half-hour for anyone willing to listen. Consider this one politely recommended.- Tom Butcher

This I Will Remember [2009]

This I Will Remember (Part 1)


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