Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garageland- Last Exit to Garageland [1997]

Given how many contemporaneous EPs by the quartet had overlapping track listings with this album, in its various forms, it's almost more accurate to call Last Exit to Garageland a best-of compilation than a standalone release. However one wants to consider it, Last Exit is pretty darn brilliant, an enthusiastic, sharp collection of punk/pop indie songs that find their own approach. At the time, comparisons flew thick and fast to such similarly minded bands as the Pixies and The Poster Children but Garageland share an aesthetic rather than cloning anyone. It doesn't hurt that Jeremy Eade has a great singing voice and is able to kick up some high-volume delivery here and there (without sounding like, say, Black Francis) but is also just fine at calmer singing. -Ned Ragget

Last Exit to Garageland


  1. Never mind - just found the p/word on the right of this page - d'oh! Many, many thanx for sharing this album - it remains one of my fave Kiwi albums. I bought it on vinyl when it was released, but had to sell my unfeasibly large vinyl collection back in 2007, as it was starting to own ME, rather than the other way around (plus, I was paying extra rent just to house the damn lot! lol). I caught Garageland live a couple of times in Auckland, and they totally rocked! Cheers! :-D