Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ecstatic Sunshine- Freckle Wars [2006]

The greatest praise one can give Ecstatic Sunshine when it comes to Freckle Wars is for consistency of vision. It's a vision that consists of two young gentleman in Baltimore, probably hanging out in a dorm, strumming away haphazardly at guitars with little knowledge of chords or songcraft. There's really no other way and no truly nice way to put it: the album's indistinguishable 12 tracks seem recorded by preteens or some other innocents who have just recently been introduced to musical instruments. Distant inspirations like Fahey, Kotke and Modest Mouse are obvious, but at this point in their career, Matthew Papich and Dustin Wong (Ponytail) simply can't measure up. While the guys might have fun jamming, laughing, and possibly indulging in some college substances, the music that results isn't typically the kind of stuff that's released by a record label. In their Freckle Wars, Ecstatic Sunshine wins the battle of outlasting a listener's patience. Perhaps with more variation and a great deal of practice, their future might be brighter. - Tim DiGravina
Freckle Wars [2006]


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  1. Dumb review. These guys have an obvious understanding of how to make music and are piecing together something that has not been done before soundwise. It is beautiful to my ears and art, as a musician and as a listener.