Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Consonant- Consonant

Meant as an outlet for songs written by Mission of Burma bass player Clint Conley, Consonant formed in 2001 with supporting bandmates Chris Brokaw (formerly of Come and Codeine) on guitar, Matt Kadane (ex-Silkworm and Bedhead) on drums, and Winston Braman (from Fuzzy and the Count-Me-Outs) on bass. Conley switched to guitar in the Boston-area super-group. Their self-titled debut was released in spring of 2002 and a sophomore record titled Love and Affliction was released in 2003.
Source: Lastfm


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  1. that guy looks kind of like the lead singer of Baboo. Whatever happened to that band? Man, they were the best. (:

  2. Do you have love and affliction? I was a huge fan of their first cd, but I definitely wanna sample the second before buying.

  3. Hiya! I am so excited to know if you have a lot of subscribers to this journal?