Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joyside - Booze At Neptune's Dawn

In March of 2001, the band was formed in a dark basement north of Beijing. After 3 years, the four lazy guys got their debut album released, it was called "Drunk is Beautiful". Then came Joyside's first nationwide tour of China. The singer Bian Yuan called it a "rock'n'roll nightmare" in the film Wasted Orient. The tour was amazing, full of passion and chaos, fuddle and shout. The entire tour was filmed by an American director named Kevin Fritz. He was the first and only filmmaker to tour with Joyside around China and thus the only one to get a true assessment of what life was like as a member of Joyside. He documented the whole tour with the band and later made it became a wonderful and cuttin-edge documentary about Joyside entitled, "Wasted Orient". After years of struggle and vomiting, Joyside started to climb out of their beer barrels. They dig pure rock'n'roll, give great big kisses to devil, and run wild on the burning side. So far Joyside has down 5 albums and this film since 2001 which are: "Everything sucks", "Drunk is beautiful", "Bitches of Rock'N'Roll-DEMO", "Bitches of Rock'N'Roll" and the film "Wasted Orient". They are bitches of rock'n'roll, who are addicted to Dead Boys, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols and the Stooges. They are surviving young dudes from the old century. They are your modern human beings' nightmare makers. JOYSIDE.



Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Black- Songs About Fucking

Child molestation, urban decay, hopeless apathy, trucking, and racial commentary were all fair game to Big Black, and the screeching, clanking thud of their proto-industrial sound was only a shade less disturbing than their subject matter. Dave Riley's bass is a metallic, twisted train wreck, and Steve Albini's every word so bile-drenched it barely makes it past his lips. This, combined with the searing buzzsaw guitars and the violent percussive force of a jackhammer, will strip the enamel straight off your goddamn teeth. Their pervasive stench clings to the entirety of the burgeoning industrial movement, and Songs About Fucking is the still the biggest, baddest sound on the block; underestimate it at your own peril. --Eric Carr
Source: Pitchfork.com

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Moar SMZB!

SMZB - Ten Years Rebellion


Sunday, March 29, 2009

SMZB - For Friends & Beer EP

Probably one of the oldest and the most respected punk bands in China. Still going strong despite several member changes. The vocalist, WuWei and his wife HuJuan (on drums) have been the only constant members for a number of years now. Toured Europe in 06 and was recently denied to enter the US by immigration officials.

For Friends and Beer EP

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miniless Recordings - Milessni

Miniless Recordings is a label dedicated to discovering talented musicians and encouraging Chinese young people to create evolving form of music. "We don’t have any kind of restrictions, however what we most concerned is the true emerging status of the musician rather than a false gesture of indie/rock or any other kind of obsolete stuffs."
Miniless was formed in 2006 by Yang Chang from Chengdu, Li Xiaoliang from Shanghai, and Hans from Hefei.

Milessni is the first release on their catalog. Artists in this compilation include : Asthma Writers Union, Lowspirit and The Los (now Lava|Ox|Sea)

Myspace of Miniless Recordings

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Moar Hedgehog!

I have been getting requests from some of you people for the rest of the albums by Hedgehog. And here they are.

Happy Idle Kid [Self Released, 2006]

Noise Hit World [Modern Sky Records, 2007]

Incase you missed the new album Blue Daydreaming from these popsters. Get it here

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wang-Wen Megapost [Post-Rock, China]

Hailing from the busy port city of Dalian in Northeast China, Wangwen/Wang-Wen/ 惘闻 cite their influences among groups such as Mogwai, Red Red Meat, Mono, Explosions in the Sky, Polvo, Tortoise and GYBE. Formed in 1999 by two awkward guitarists crazy about The Smashing Pumpkins, by the time of the release of their second album “Re:Re:Re” in 2004 they had become a five-piece and their sound had evolved into instrumental Chinese-tinged post-rock, acid-rock. Their third album “7 Objects in an Infitinte Space” not only cemented their reputation as one of the leading bands in China’s post-rock scene, but drew them attention internationally, leading to their first European Tour in June 2008 to promote the release of their fourth full album, titled simply “IV”.


Here are four albums for your listening pleasure.

Diary of 28 Sleepless Days [2003]

Re;Re;Re [2006]

7 Objects in Another Infinite Space [2007]

IV [2008]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

120 Days - 120 Days

120 Days is a Norwegian band. The group consists of Jonas Dahl, Arne Kvalvik, Kjetil Ovesen, and Ådne Meisfjord, and was formed in 2001 under the name 'The Beautiful People'. Originally based in their hometown of Kristiansund, they moved to Oslo in 2002. After two EPs on the Public Demand label, the group signed to prominent Norwegian independent label Smalltown Supersound. Their self-titled debut album was released on 10 October 2006, and has gotten several positive reviews by North American publications.The group toured the United States shortly after the release of the album. 120 has started producing new material for a record after returning to Oslo in 2008. This is following the major touring around the United States and Europe.


Download the Self-Titled here

Lay Low- Please Don't Hate Me

Iceland’s bluesiest chanteuse Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir - a.k.a. Lay Low - is ready with a new album. After seeting worlds ablaze and topping the Icelandic charts with her 2006 debut ‘Please Don’t Hate Me’, the unassuming starlet is back with a new record that continues her forays into traditional blues and country sounds

The Gar - The Gar

One of the best bands that came out of the miracle years of 2004-2005 was the now-legendary Ne Zha, whose early performances had them widely handicapped to become Beijing’s leading underground band. It was not to be, however, and internal dissension destroyed the band by early 2006.

Very quickly Ne Zha frontman and songwriter Zhan Pan joined forces with Wen Jie and Wang Xu to create The Gar. With their unique songwriting skills and the inspired, at-times-falsetto singing of frontman Zhang Pan, almost from the beginning the band developed fans and followers. They have been compared to Television and Pavement, and their quirky, off-kilter style does resemble that of both bands, but there is as much Chinese pop sensibility and San Francisco psychedelia in their style as there are reminders of Television and Pavement.


Download the self-titled here

Tycho- Sunrise Projector

Tycho is the music project of San Francisco based artist and producer Scott Hansen. Hansen began his foray into electronic music with 2002’s The Science of Patterns EP which was followed in 2004 by his first full length, Sunrise Projector. 2006 saw the release of Past is Prologue on the now defunkt IDM label Merck records. In 2007 Ghostly International released Tycho’s first single under that imprint, “The Daydream / The Disconnect”. A new full length album on Ghostly is in the works and slated for a 2009 release.

Sunrise Projector

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Hedgehog - Blue Day Dreaming (Indie Pop, Guitar-Pop)

Hedgehog like many of the best bands in Beijing, was founded in the miracle years of 2004-2005, in January 2005, specifically. For some inexplicable reason they didn’t seem to make much of an impact early on, but we first met them when they played a series of concerts at D22 in late 2006, during which time they very quickly became one of the favorite bands. In late April 2007 they performed a concert that smashed the sound barriers and created such an uproar that within a month they had catapulted into position as one of the most talked about underground bands in China.

Hugely popular with both musical hipsters, for the brilliance of their compositions and performances, and with rock and roll party animals, for their wild, out of control pop frenzy, Hedgehog’s music is totally approachable and totally unique. Percussionist and vocalist Atom (阿童木) is a tiny girl who just barely peeps over the top of her drum kit but who bangs out explosive rhythms like a monster possessed. Bassist Box (博宣), the person responsible for keeping the band in line, punches out the tight bass lines that hold the songs together while seeming lost in oblivion. Guitarist and vocalist ZO (子健) slashes out huge waves of chords that seemed to fit perfectly within the songs yet at the same time tear them apart — while jumping, twirling, staggering and even falling over several times during his performances without letting up for the slightest pause.



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Neato Fleets

Neato Fleets is the solo effort of a college student from New York. Neato Fleets is sometimes electronic, sometimes acoustic, and always harmonytastic. She used to be called Persephone & Her Cellar Babies (her earliest, mostly acoustic recordings: very sweetly ramshackle and nostalgic), then FLEETS (more electronic; Reckless Tongue, the FLEETS album from last year, is an excellent collection of quirky pop songs with fuzzy guitars, snappy drum machines, and throbbing synths...exuberant, wistful, and everything else you could want).

"And In Time" is one of the most beautifully sad songs I've ever heard. The minimal instrumentation and melodies imply so much and, for me, capture a sort of longing and nostalgic blend of joy and utter despair that is hard to find anywhere. "Don't Stop Hanging Out" is a more upbeat, synth- and drum machine-driven song. The brilliant coda in the song's second half won't leave your head.

The album is a completely enveloping experience--capturing a huge range of emotions and sounds from somewhere within us and around us and wrapping you up in them--that you'll want to return to again and again.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

The American Analog Set- The Golden Band

Picture this. It's an overcast Sunday morning, and its been raining since last night.You're on the couch, wrapped in blankets, warm, comfortable, watching the water making endless patterns on the window. You have an amazing view of the outside, it's calm and you're quietly contemplating about life, the events of the week, that girl you liked. Gradually, everything feels alright. You're centered. You're at peace.


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Apparat- Multifunktionsebene

Apparat's still unsure of his musical direction in his debut album, Multfunktionsebene. Tiptoeing between techno beats and ambient music, he manages to create upbeat songs which at the same time seamlessly blend into the background.

Standout Tracks: Multifocus, Forward/Backward

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Re-TROS - Watch Out, Climate Has Changed, Fat Mum Rises...

The new and the most awaited album by the most exciting post-punk outfit in China also known as Rebuilding the Rights of Statues.

Download it here

Get the EP here.

For the fans of Bauhaus, Gang of Four, Joy Division.