Thursday, February 26, 2009

Singapore Sling

The first time I listened to Singapore Sling's debut album, it sounded like a bunch of indie greats from the past fifty years got together to play a fun garage session. However, the prominently identifiable influences from Jesus and Mary Chain and The Velvet Underground, is in no way a turn-off. The album opener "Overdriver," reminiscent of the Butthole Surfers' famous song "Pepper," showcases their playfulness when noise and feedback is intertwined with a danceable groove you would only listen to in the seediest of nightclubs. A definite must listen if you're into noise rock and if you like the Raveonettes.

The Curse of Singapore Sling
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

48V (Post-Rock/Electronica/IDM)

Obscure Post-Rock/Electronica/IDM from Changsha, China. Good all around solid album. Worth the download.


Download "South"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lilys - In The Presence of Nothing

Lilys, led by singer/songwriter Kurt Heasley, are a notoriously difficult band to categorize. With an ever-evolving lineup, home base, and a sound that swings pendulum-like between My Bloody Valentine-influenced shoegazer and indie guitar pop, the answer to the question, “Who are the Lilys?” depends of the qualifiers of “when” and “where.” “A Nanny In Manhattan” became a #16 hit in the UK after being used in a 1998 ad campaign for Levi’s jeans.Currently, Heasley is working with producer Michael Musmanno, combining his affections for pop and esoteric rock for the Manifesto label.

In The Presence of Nothing.

Phase one of the Lilys' odyssey plunges Kurt Heasley and friends -- among them members of Velocity Girl, the Ropers and Suddenly Tammy! -- into the heart of the shoegazing phenomenon; In the Presence of Nothing is the quick follow-up to Loveless that My Bloody Valentine never made, with tracks like "There's No Such Thing as Black Orchids" and "The Way Snowflakes Fall" capturing the moment in vividly dreamy and atmospheric detail. A relic of its time, to be sure, but also a wonderful testament to shoegazing's brief but seminal moment in the sun.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hang on the Box

Hang on the Box (also known as 挂在盒子上, HOTB) is punk band located in Beijing, China. Formed in 1998, they have been one of the most well-regarded bands to come out of China in recent years. To date they have released five albums (three studio albums), For Every Punk, Bitch, and Arsehole (live), Foxy Lady (a compilation), Di Di Di, Yellow Banana and No More Nice Girls.

Originally there were four members of the band, but now there are only three. As of December 2006, the band is comprised of: Wang Yue (guitar, vocals), Yilina (bass), and Shi Lu (drums).


Download: Di Di Di Di

Thursday, February 19, 2009


White was formed in 2006 by former Hang on the Box drummer Shenggy with mutli-instrumentalist Shou Wang of Carsick cars.

Download the Self-Titled Here

Monkey Power

Shoegazers from Hangzhou, China.


Download Pop Songs EP


Snapline is post-punk band from China.

They have become, almost overnight it seems, perhaps Beijing’s fastest rising young band. From being little more than a side project of Carsick cars’ drummer Li Qing and bass player Levis, in the last year they have taken on an identity all of their own, earned full page interviews in the local media and released their first 7” single in the US. When Li Qing trades her drumsticks for guitar stings it is something of a revelation - at times she sounds strangely like The Fall’s Marc Riley, or even Fred Frith, carving dense little filigrees above Levis’ slow loping basslines and the sharp sweaty pulse of a drum machine; over the top of it all rides singer Chen Xi’s chilly deadpan tales of urban dislocation and frustrated longing - behind the designer glasses and charming smile, you just know this man has some dodgy websites saved to his Favorites!

When producer and ex-PiL man Martin Atkins came to Beijing to check on the local scene, he was delighted with dozens of bands, but wholly awestruck by Snapline’s uniquely weird melodies, and immediately insisted on producing their first CD. They are not the easiest band to love, but their followers are passionately loyal and their music keeps growing in strange unexpected ways.

Line Up:
Vocals : Chen Xi (陈曦)
Keyboard : Li Qing (李青) (Carsick cars)
Bass : Levis (李维思) (Carsick cars)


Download: Party is over, Pornostar

Re-Tros|Rebuilding the Rights of Statues

Born in the shadow of post-Tiananmen nihilism, the collapse of state run industry and a desert that will someday swallow their city whole, Cut Off!, the first E.P. from pioneering Beijing-based post-punks Rebuilding the Rights of Statues delivers explosive, danceable, unsettling energy that leaves you unsure whether you want to take your clothes off and shake the spiders out, or go look for a rope, a closet and a copy of Iggy Pop’s The Idiot.

This is visceral music built from the bones up, think ubermench rather than Frankenstein’s monster: beautiful, brilliant and brooding.

Drummer Ma Hui’s rhythms still hold the echo of the earthquake that wiped his birth city off the map in 1976, while Liu Min’s irresistible bass lines and staccato, strangely sensual yelps make you remember why you first fell in love with Blonde Redhead. Standing over it all, Hua Dong’s shattering vocals and addictive open-fisted guitar stitch the flesh to the muscle like some demented monkey king. Even legendary composer/producer Brian Eno was so blown away he stood in on guest keyboards (we couldnt even make this stuff up, seriously).

You ever play ‘seven minutes in heaven’? Cut Off! is like that stretched out for half an hour: tangible sweat-soaked darkness, blood-pumping atmospherics

…and they never open the door.


Download Cut-Off!!!

Ourself Beside Me

Ourself Beside Me are Yangfan, Xie Han and Emi. In their debut album, all songs were written by themselves except Oh Jim was written by Lou Reed, and they played all instruments except the keyboard in Holiday by Zhang Shouwang of Carsick Cars. The producer of this album was Yang Haisong (P.K.14's vocalist). [from]

Highly recomended for fans of Slumber Party and other similar lo-fi bands.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

1. Hallogallo - Neu!

2. (Arrow) - Boredoms

3. Lazy - Low

4. Praha in Spring - The Ruins

5. I'm a a mindless idiot - Meat Puppets

6. Les Yper-Sound - Stereolab

7. Tnt - Tortoise

8. Did They Ever Tell Cousteau? - Esbjörn Svensson Trio

9. II Porno Star - Shellac

10. Seeland - Neu!

11. Oh Yeah - Can

12. Blitzkrieg Bop - Yo La Tengo

13. Isobell Campbell and Mark Lanegan - It's hard to kill a bad thing

14. Freedom in F major - Karmavalanche

15. Good Comrades go to Heaven - Solex

I don't know if people even visit this blog. Its a purrrtyy dull and boring Saturday afternoon and I was listening to this old mix tape I had that I made a long time back exclusively for the road. Thought I'd put it up. Hope you like.