Tuesday, January 20, 2009

several girls galore

several girls galore began writing songs in november 2006, and the songs you are listening to are those very songs. several girls galore records with garageband and the built-in computer microphone, and that’s why everything sounds less than optimal. several girls galore is somewhat embarrassed by its voice, but has no other voice to use. several girls galore is now in college and hopes to write more songs and form a band someday soon and perhaps record somewhere.
several girls galore tries to write songs without a sense of self-importance or overbearing ambition, simple songs that might get stuck in your head and make you kind of warm and happy inside. several girls galore doesn’t want to take over the world, or save it, for that matter, just occupy space on its surface and make music for people to listen to while they occupy other spaces on the earth’s surface. several girls galore hopes that you like its songs, and that you will say so if you do.
Source: last.fm

The Same Things Everyday
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