Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Carsick Cars

Carsick Cars were formed in 2005 and have earned their reputation at the pinnacle of Beijing’s live music scene – something borne out by the invitation to open for Sonic Youth at their idols’ 2007 Beijing show. Influenced by Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, Suicide,Glenn Branca, The Stooges and Joy Division, Carsick Cars gigs are riotous explosions of pent-up energy and frustration. There’s a certain fearlessness to their music, one that is born of the confidence of the talented: they are not afraid to write perfect, instantaneously catchy songs, and they are just as unafraid of detonating them midstream amid a howling wall of guitar noise.

Line Up:
Guitar/Vocals : Shouwang (张守望)
Bass : Levis (李维思)
Percussion : Li Qing (李青)

Download (Sharebee) [Self-Titled, Maybe Mars 2007]


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