Tuesday, January 27, 2009

K.C. Accidental

Before Broken Social Scene, there was K.C Accidental. Headed by Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin, they released their debut album, Captured Anthems for an Empty Bathtub in 1998. The songs were ambient, with long buildups characteristic of post-rock. They released their second album, Anthems That Could Have Been Pills in 2003, with from contributions from members of the Canadian Indie scene including Emily Haines. Anthems That Could Have Been Pills, features a more mature approach to instrumentals, with repetitious chord progressions and experimentation with various fills, taking their time to build perfectly soothing soundscapes. The album is a good indicator where Broken Social Scene is headed towards musically.

Anthems That Could Have Been Pills

Standout Tracks: Instrumental Died In the Bathtub and Took the Daydreams Away With It, Is and of The.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Raincoats - The Raincoats

Because everyone should listen to The Raincoats





Tuesday, January 20, 2009

several girls galore

several girls galore began writing songs in november 2006, and the songs you are listening to are those very songs. several girls galore records with garageband and the built-in computer microphone, and that’s why everything sounds less than optimal. several girls galore is somewhat embarrassed by its voice, but has no other voice to use. several girls galore is now in college and hopes to write more songs and form a band someday soon and perhaps record somewhere.
several girls galore tries to write songs without a sense of self-importance or overbearing ambition, simple songs that might get stuck in your head and make you kind of warm and happy inside. several girls galore doesn’t want to take over the world, or save it, for that matter, just occupy space on its surface and make music for people to listen to while they occupy other spaces on the earth’s surface. several girls galore hopes that you like its songs, and that you will say so if you do.
Source: last.fm

The Same Things Everyday
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Monday, January 19, 2009


Caribou is Canadian native Dan Snaith (b. 1978), who formerly recorded under the moniker Manitoba. Known for altering his sound with each subsequent release, he incorporates electronic psychedelia, krautrock rhythms, and breakbeat drums and creates a swirling, lush, musical panorama. Snaith grew up in Dundas, Ontario, Canada, which gave its name to a song from his debut album Start Breaking My Heart.
Source: last.fm

Marino EP

Interesting Fact: Aside from being an amazing musician, Caribou or Daniel Victor Snaith has a Ph.D. in mathematics.

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Friday, January 16, 2009


Kashmir is a Danish rock band formed in 1991 at Kastanievej Efterskole, Copenhagen. Originally called Nirvana, the band quickly changed its name to Kashmir due to the Seattle based grungeband of the same name, breaking through at the time. The name derived from the Led Zeppelin song Kashmir, since this was the only song all band members could agree upon, since their various musical tastes were diverse.
The band consists of the members: Kasper Eistrup (vocals & guitar), Mads Tunebjerg (bass), Asger Techau (drums) and since 1999, Henrik Lindstrand (keyboards & guitar).
Their earlier albums were musically in the vein of Primus and Red Hot Chili Peppers, but with their third full length album their style changed dramatically to be influenced by Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, a style often characterised by newcomers as in the same veins as Coldplay, however Kashmir has in Kasper Eistrup, an original text writer and singer, who can hardly be summarized as anything close to Chris Martin.
Source: Last.fm

No Balance Palace [2005]

No Balance Palace (2005) includes collaborations with David Bowie and Lou Reed, and with the release of NBP, the band has yet again changed direction musically to be inspired by artists such as Sonic Youth and other noise rockers.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Carsick Cars

Carsick Cars were formed in 2005 and have earned their reputation at the pinnacle of Beijing’s live music scene – something borne out by the invitation to open for Sonic Youth at their idols’ 2007 Beijing show. Influenced by Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, Suicide,Glenn Branca, The Stooges and Joy Division, Carsick Cars gigs are riotous explosions of pent-up energy and frustration. There’s a certain fearlessness to their music, one that is born of the confidence of the talented: they are not afraid to write perfect, instantaneously catchy songs, and they are just as unafraid of detonating them midstream amid a howling wall of guitar noise.

Line Up:
Guitar/Vocals : Shouwang (张守望)
Bass : Levis (李维思)
Percussion : Li Qing (李青)

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The Abbasi Brothers- Something Like Nostalgia

Two brothers with a passion for art.
Source: last.fm

Something Like Nostalgia [2008]
One of the best electronica debuts of 2008. Release by Dynamophone Records.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

School of Seven Bells- Alpinisms

Like many bands before them, School of Seven Bells were born as the result of a late-night revelation. Benjamin Curtis connected with sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza in 2004 while their bands—Secret Machines and On!Air!Library!, respectively—were on tour. While watching PBS at 3am, Alejandra caught a show about the School of Seven Bells: a mythical South American pickpocket academy that may or may not have existed in the ‘80s. The idea of seven minds working as one appealed to her, as did the phrase’s cryptic musicality, and a creative spark ignited.
Source: last.fm

Alpinisms [2008]

The Deheza twins' irresistible voices mixed with the Curtis' superb electronic manipulation makes this one of the best debuts in 2008. Release by Ghostly International Records.

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My Bloody Valentine- Glider EP

Artist Description:
My Bloody Valentine is a shoegaze band formed in 1984 in Dublin, Ireland. The band’s best known lineup is Kevin Shields (vocals, guitar), Bilinda Butcher (vocals, guitar), Debbie Googe (bass) and Colm O’Ciosoig (drums). Shields and O’Ciosoig are the only original members of the band still in the group. In 1991, the band released their second full length album “Loveless”, later declared one of the finest albums of the 1990s and the definitive work of the shoegaze genre. The band struggled to record a follow up album and split in 1997. The band reunited in 2007 and performed several concerts the following year.
Source: last.fm

Glider EP [1990]

Released a year before Loveless, the EP clearly shows the direction the band is heading towards. Release by Creation Records.

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P.K.14 - Shei Shei Shei he Shei Shei Shei

P.K.14 - Beijing based post-punk band. The abbreviated name P.K.14 is a continuous play on words. Primarily standing for Public Kingdom for Teens (青春公共王国), known to also stand for Pent Kilowatt One More Than Thirteen, Pelikan Kraut Seven Times Two and Psycho Killer Two Less Than Sixteen amongst others…

Founded 1997 in Nanjing by Yang Haisong, Sun Xia, Xu Feng and Yang Sen. P.K.14 played their first show in December of 1997 and since then they have released four albums and toured China and Europe extensively. Current line-up has gradually come together during the last seven years. The band is self managed and have released their material through Modern Sky, Sub Jam and Kuguabang. P.K.14 occupies a space in Chinese music that might be analogous to that of Television or the Talking Heads in the New York of the 1970s. They are among the most thoughtful and self-referential of bands, with an enormous curiosity about music coupled with a complete inability to care about musical fashion. Among the older bands ( i.e. those formed before 2002) they have the greatest influence on Beijing’s younger bands. But for all the love these bands have for P.K.14, and although they are at the heart of the Beijing scene and among the most loved and respected of the Chinese indie bands, at the same time they are unique and seem to be traveling in their own scene.

Vocals - Yang Haisong (杨海崧)
Guitar - Xu Bo (许波)
Drums - Jonathan (坛坛)
Bass - Shi Xudong (施旭东)

The critically acclaimed album by this veteran post-punk outfit in China. Released on Modern Sky Records.



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