Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Several Girls Galore- The Noise We Make EP

Surprising us with more great music out of Colorado Springs is Several Girls Galore, with their new EP 'The Noise We Make.' The group is lead by New York native Will Vunderink who via 'The Noise We Make,' proves that he is, above all else, an amazing song writer.

The self recorded EP showcases Will’s abilities; every chord is exactly where it should be. Every hook, be it vocal or instrumental, highlights the music perfectly and as an overall composition the EP is dark and beautiful, and throughout the 5 songs, the songwriting keeps the aesthetic consistent without it ever getting boring.

The best part about 'The Noise We Make' is that none of it sounds forced. Several Girls Galore has the prowess of artists who have been around for a decade or two longer than them, and you can hear what sounds like the ease of seasoned musicians from this impressive young group.

While there are some similarities with bands like Deerhunter, or Women, or maybe Pavement, Several Girls Galore definitely has a sound of it’s own with Will’s haunting Vocals, driving drum and bass, and the quickly moving finger picking of melancholy guitar chords.

I have been stoked on this band since I caught them in Boulder the other day and am even more excited now that I have their EP.

You can now DOWNLOAD “The Noise We Make” for free at severalgirlsgalore.bandcamp.com.
Check out their music and look out for more music and live performances from Several Girls Galore in the near future.

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