Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fujiya & Miyagi- Transparent Things [2006]

Fujiya and Miyagi, a British trio posing as a Japanese duo, dwell in this sort of everlong geekdom, thumbing their nose at Kraftwerk from the corner of the bathroom and giggling mightily at Arthur Russell’s hard-won austerity. Should they exist in some not-so-far-fetched rock ’n’ roll high school, Fujiya and Miyagi would presumably get their asses kicked by the skaters, the Kraut-rockers, the electro-heads, and Disco Stu. LCD Soundsystem might jump in, but only if, you know, no one was looking. F&M deal in melodic, metronomic beats squatting on short drum hits and clubby bass, leaving enough room for the occasional slinging guitar lick. Transparent Things, then, sounds less the work of three programmers and more like a band that plays together and stays together—like Hot Chip holding it a little closer to the vest, maybe. - Andrew Gaerig

Transparent Things [2006]

Ankle Injuries


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