Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chikinki- Lick Your Ticket [2004]

Bristol's Chikinki, who have one of the most "you think you have the pronunciation right but you don't" names around, sound like they want to be several different kind of acts at once -- a dance group, a Britpop act, a punk band -- on Lick Your Ticket, which in itself is no bad thing. Any number of U.K. acts aim at pulling off a hybrid with what's around them, sometimes to success, such as with the Super Furry Animals, the Beta Band or the Lo Fidelity Allstars. say. Lick Your Ticket is a strange album, though -- it doesn't quite fall down between two (or more) stools, perhaps, but it does have an uncomfortable edge to it that makes it an album to be a bit impressed by rather than to love. Something truly memorable could yet come from Chikinki, but for now they still seem to be a work in progress. - Ned Raggett

Lick Your Ticket [2004]
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