Sunday, June 28, 2009

Carsick Cars - You Can Listen, You Can Talk [Maybe Mars, 2009]

The newest album by China's biggest underground act.

Have fun.


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Radio Dept.- Pet Grief [2006]

Their second album, Pet Grief, is stacked with syrupy pop songs, as Johan Duncanson's effortless vocals ride the crest of soft-focus synths and programmed drums. Between the band's production choices and lovely (if understated) vocals, Pet Grief is built to be instantly pleasing and, as a result, sometimes smacks of déjá vu. -John Motley

Pet Grief [2006]

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ellen Allien and Apparat- Orchestra of Bubbles [2006]

Disc unheard, the collaboration between DJs Ellen Allien (of the BPitch Control label) and Apparat (Sacha Ring of the Shitkatapult imprint) is far from a natural match. Both are iconoclastic with different approaches to electronic music in general and dance music in particular, though it should be noted from the outset that Orchestra of Bubbles is not their first collaboration. They've worked on remix projects together, and done one another's remixes for a few years now. Ring, as Apparat adds dimensionality, off-kilter beats, and dynamic ambient spaces to offer the technocratic solidity some room to breathe and open out onto different vistas -- and his moodier M.O. is heard precisely in those moments where Allien's bassline is most pronounced. For anyone sincerely interested in the open territory of electronic music and its possible futures, this is not only a microscope to examine the new bacteria with, it's the pulsing life form beneath it.-Thom Jurek

Orchestra of Bubbles [2006]

Kraftwerk- Trans-Europa Express [1977]

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


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Monday, June 8, 2009

Gliss- Devotion Implosion [2009]

Gliss is experimental messed up pop. Gliss is that split second of breathless exhilaration. You can find Gliss in Los Angeles...unless they are touring with The Raveonettes, The Editors, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Smashing Pumpkins or We Are Scientists. Gliss' second album is Devotion Implosion. Gliss will turn you on with their fuzzed-out guitars and krautrock rhythms. Gliss will love you back. Gliss is happiest blowing your mind! Devotion Implosion feels like the morning after. It was mixed by Gareth Jones (who has worked with Depeche Mode, Liars, Wire, Nick Cave and These New Puritans). Gliss is being up all night; an overdose of sound, chaos, beauty, and rock 'n' roll excess. Gliss is shattered soundscapes that melt you into a Devotion Implosion.- Insound

Devotion Implosion [2009]
Anybody Inside


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Friday, June 5, 2009

City Rain- This I Will Remember [2009]

The music, in general, is not particularly experimental or avant-garde. In some ways, City Rain reminds me rather strongly of The Postal Service, even though though the two artists don’t actually sound very similar. Runyan clearly desires to foster an indie and perhaps even slightly pop sound on this record, and towards that goal, all of the songs are relatively short, with almost half lasting less than three minutes and all lasting less than five. However, there’s an earnestness on display here; a sort of refined but intense emotionality inhabits the album. This I Will Remember is not a masterpiece, but it’s a very pleasant record that manages to inspire feelings of calm in the listener, despite the emotionality on display. If you’re into electronica of any sort, particularly IDM of a more minimal vein, then I recommend you give This I Will Remember a spin. At thirty-three minutes long, this LP sometimes seems more like an EP, but this transitory nature suits the music perfectly. Any more would be overkill, but the way it is, Runyan has crafted a quite nice half-hour for anyone willing to listen. Consider this one politely recommended.- Tom Butcher

This I Will Remember [2009]

This I Will Remember (Part 1)


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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Japandroids- Post- Nothing [2009]

These are the kind of gut-level concerns Post-Nothing trades in, and I know, on paper it describes an itch that a late-1990s Vagrant record could scratch. And combined with the fact that the band is called freakin' Japandroids, it's easy to not take it seriously. Which is fine, since Japandroids do not make particularly complex music: Brian King plays broad chords stewed in mid-90s fuzz (think Superchunk) while David Prowse splays spastic but never showy drum fills that beg to be pounded out on your steering wheel. There's maybe one overdub on the whole thing and occasionally, both of them yell at the same time. Several songs have less than five lines. And while they've been known to cover Mclusky's "To Hell With Good Intentions" live, what makes Post-Nothing such a blast is how Japandroids tend to embody the opposite sentiment of that song title. This is terminally catchy music played with punk's enthusiasm and velocity, and maybe it's the fact that there's only two dudes in this band that makes you feel like joining in to bash along. It's as fun as an ill-gotten sixpack and there really aren't too many bands doing stuff like this well anymore.- Pitchfork

Post- Nothing [2009]

Young Hearts Spark Fire


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Chikinki- Lick Your Ticket [2004]

Bristol's Chikinki, who have one of the most "you think you have the pronunciation right but you don't" names around, sound like they want to be several different kind of acts at once -- a dance group, a Britpop act, a punk band -- on Lick Your Ticket, which in itself is no bad thing. Any number of U.K. acts aim at pulling off a hybrid with what's around them, sometimes to success, such as with the Super Furry Animals, the Beta Band or the Lo Fidelity Allstars. say. Lick Your Ticket is a strange album, though -- it doesn't quite fall down between two (or more) stools, perhaps, but it does have an uncomfortable edge to it that makes it an album to be a bit impressed by rather than to love. Something truly memorable could yet come from Chikinki, but for now they still seem to be a work in progress. - Ned Raggett

Lick Your Ticket [2004]
Ether Radio


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