Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Burial & Four Tet- 12" [2009]

Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, is all about collaboration, so it's not a surprise that he teamed with shadowy English dubstep crossover Burial, aka William Bevan. The results, "Moth" and "Wolf Cub," arrive in a black sleeve and pressed onto a slab of 12" vinyl with a black label. The lack of information's a nice touch in this day and age of over-information, so in that spirit, it feels right to let you jump right into the sounds: "Moth" finds Reichian Gamelan giving way to wooden percussion and subtle background pitch/vocal smears, with an echoing spaciousness that remains throughout. "Wolf Cub" digs into a deeper, stutter-stopping, chiming/ringing/thumping club zone. Both are super mellow: A thoroughly enjoyable mind-meld bearing the fingerprints of both makers, but that also manages to lead them someplace new. -Stereogum

Wolf Cub

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