Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joyside - Booze At Neptune's Dawn

In March of 2001, the band was formed in a dark basement north of Beijing. After 3 years, the four lazy guys got their debut album released, it was called "Drunk is Beautiful". Then came Joyside's first nationwide tour of China. The singer Bian Yuan called it a "rock'n'roll nightmare" in the film Wasted Orient. The tour was amazing, full of passion and chaos, fuddle and shout. The entire tour was filmed by an American director named Kevin Fritz. He was the first and only filmmaker to tour with Joyside around China and thus the only one to get a true assessment of what life was like as a member of Joyside. He documented the whole tour with the band and later made it became a wonderful and cuttin-edge documentary about Joyside entitled, "Wasted Orient". After years of struggle and vomiting, Joyside started to climb out of their beer barrels. They dig pure rock'n'roll, give great big kisses to devil, and run wild on the burning side. So far Joyside has down 5 albums and this film since 2001 which are: "Everything sucks", "Drunk is beautiful", "Bitches of Rock'N'Roll-DEMO", "Bitches of Rock'N'Roll" and the film "Wasted Orient". They are bitches of rock'n'roll, who are addicted to Dead Boys, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols and the Stooges. They are surviving young dudes from the old century. They are your modern human beings' nightmare makers. JOYSIDE.



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